Cheryl A. Moeller
Monday - Thursday
3:30-7:30 pm
Centerstage Dance Scholarships

CS Student Scholarship

This scholarship is available to all 
Centerstage Dancers. 
Awards are handed out during our Spirit Meeting before each recital. 
Please print and have your dancer fill out. Turn it into the CS office.

CS Inspire Scholarship

This Scholarship is for 
High School Seniors or College students 
It is worth $500 for any one person to be awarded during our recital.

   Brittney Dixon Scholarship

  This is a $500 scholarship available to any dancer at Centerstage. Brought to us by the parents of Brittney Dixon, a loving dancer Centerstage had the privilege of having as part of our family.

Other Scholarships Centerstage Offers during the year:

​Le Trois Suer Scholarship          (Ma) Fichter Scholarship