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Recreational Classes
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Classes & Shoes
*Placement Is Based On Age & Ability.  These are average ages.

Backpack Babies - parent & baby in front backpack or sling
    Groovin' with your little one - way to go Mom or Dad!

Mommy & Me - 30 minutes (approx. ages 9 mos - 2 1/2)
Mommy & Me - 30 minutes (approx. ages 9 mos - 2 1/2)
    Songs, Bunny Hop, Motor Skills, so much fun!
shoes needed - none!  

Tiny Tots (Little Tykes)- 45 minutes (Ages 2 1/2 - 4)
    Movement, Song, Motor Skills, & Tumbling
shoes needed - white ballet shoes- click

Jumpstart (Prince & Princess)- 45 minutes (Ages 4-6)
    Tap, Jazz, Ballet, & Motor Skills
shoes needed - black student tap shoes & white ballet shoes - click

Combo - Tap & Jazz (average grades)
    Kinder Combo - 45 minutes (Kindergarten & 1st grade)
shoes needed - caramel buckle tap & caramel slip-on jazz-click
    Mini Combo - 45 minutes (2nd, 3rd  & 4th grades)
shoes needed - caramel buckle tap & caramel slip-on jazz-click
    Jr Combo - 1 hour (5th & 6th  grades)
shoes needed - caramel slip-on tap & caramel slip-on jazz-click
    Teen Combo - 1 hour (7th & 9th grades)
shoes needed - caramel slip-on tap & caramel slip-on jazz-click
    HS Combo - 1 hour (grades 9 and up)
shoes needed - caramel slip-on tap & caramel slip-on jazz-click

shoes needed for Hip Hop classes - NONE for now!  they can
dance in their socks.  Shoes will be ordered with their costumes 
for recital.

Hippity Hop - 30 Minutes
    Intro to Hip Hop For Young Dancers

HIP HOP - 30 minutes
    Fast & flashy combinations along with hot, new hip moves

    Hippity Hop - 
    Mini Hip Hop - (2nd, 3rd & 4th grade)
    Jr Hip Hop - (5th & 6th grade)
    Tween Hip Hop - (7th & 8th grade)    
    HS Hip Hop - (8th & up)

Lyrical - 30 minutes
    Slow, Flowing & Contemporary Styles
​shoes needed - Foot Undeez or Paws - click here for viewing
    Mini Lyrical - (2nd, 3rd & 4th grade)
    Jr Lyrical - (5th & 6th grade)
    Teen Lyrical - (7th & 9th grade)
    HS Lyrical - (9th & up)

 Tumbling Tots - 30 Minutes (Not in Recital)
    Warm-Ups, Stretches, & Mat Tumbling For Youngsters

Tumbling - 30 Minutes to 1 Hour
    Warm-Ups, Stretches, & Mat Tumbling Work at Individual Level

Jazz Technique/JTP - 30 to 45 Minutes (Not in Recital)
    Stretching, Leaps, Turns, &  Floorwork

Ballet - 30-45 Minutes 1 or 2x Per Week

Mini - Ages 6-9       Junior - Ages 7-12       Teen & Senior - Ages 13 & Up

Adult Tap - 30 Minutes
    Beginner & Brush Up, This Year We Are Training New Beginning Adults     (Men Welcome Too!) You'll Have Fun Learning New Steps & Hearing     Your Taps & Rhythms to Music. 

Family Dance - 30 Minutes (Ages 7 & Up)
    Movin' and Groovin' With Your Youngsters. (In Recital)
any combination of your definition of family members welcome!

Stage Presence (Spring & Summer only)
   Confidence building, public speaking, eye contact with fun activities!

Dance Crafts (Summer only)
   Let's make stuff & Get our creative groove on!

Dance History
   Learn about post & present dance greats & how we got here!

Flexibility/Injury Prevention (Spring only)   
   Strengthen & stretch while learning how to listen to & take care of your body   
Pointe & Pre-Pointe 
   Love ballet & have experience & want to move to the next level, then try        pointe.  Must have Cheryl's approval.

Nutrition For Dancers
   Learn good & bad foods, how to energize a dancer's body.  This is a hands    on class.   Prepare & sample new foods

Yoga For Dancers (Summer only)
   Learn to breath with your stretches & get new techniques to apply to your  dancing.  This classes for older dancers & adults


Tuition Dates

August 28-31: Tuition #1 Due
October 2-5: Tuition #2 Due
November 6-9: Tuition #3 Due
December 11-14: Tuition #4 Due
January 29-February 1: Tuition #5 Due
March 5-8: Tuition #6 Due

Holiday Breaks - No Classes
Sept. 4: Labor Day
Oct. 31: Halloween
Nov. 22 & 23: Thanksgiving
Dec. 25-Jan. 4: Holiday Breaks
Mar. 26-29: Easter

*If schools are closed, we are probably open*
Recital Information

At the end of our Fall/Winter season, students will perform dances they have learned throughout the year for our annual recital. 

Sterling High School Auditorium 

Recital Rehearsals:   April
*Recital Rehearsals will be CLOSED. This means that only ONE adult will be allowed to attend your dancer's recital rehearsal.
No Siblings - No Friends - No Others. 
Thank you! 

Tickets for recitals can be purchased in Centerstage office after April 1st or you can get tickets at the door during recitals.
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